Keriko Plast Ltd has been in PVC and aluminium joinery production and assembly since 2004.

Keriko Plast works with leading world producers of door and window profiles and accessories. We do not regard any window as standard – every window has its own individuality. That is why every window is manufactured to strictly conform to all technical parameters and admissible norms set by profile, mechanism and accessory producers.

In its work, Keriko Plast always takes into consideration its customers’ advise. We aim to satisfy all your desires for your home and workplace. We want to completely meet all your needs.

We seek to apply the latest technologies and guarantee that they are realized according to all work and maintenance standards. With the windows and doors we make thanks to our highly qualified team, we are confident in our ability to be useful for our customers.

Keriko Plast offers windows suitable for different weather conditions: systems for different types of buildings, offices, apartments and custom solutions for standard and passive houses. We use innovative technologies aiming to ever-higher insulation and comfort qualities in different architectural solutions.

Every person is unique and everybody has his or her own vision for the façade and interior of their house. For this reason, it is our main goal to carefully advise and attend our customers. It is important for us to determine precisely and competently your needs in order to be of maximum benefit for you, our customers, for the most suitable choice of the products and accessories you need.