Corrosion-proof hardware

Where rust and corrosion have no chance!

Keriko Plast Ltd offers high-quality products with guaranteed anti-rust protection – МАСО TRICOAT.

This special treatment is designed by MACO specialists for window and doorframes in highly corrosive atmospheres.

Ambient influences and certain aggressive substances can cause premature corrosion of metal parts. Until lately, no adequate coating existed to resist those extreme factors.

Now MACO offers their customers the innovative TRICOAT treatment ensuring a durable and efficient protection of all surfaces. This new coating is unique for its startling results in corrosion testing.

Spheres of application

Metal hardware is subject to different atmospheric conditions and industrial pollutants that cause it to corrode and make it unusable. That is why MACO TRICOAT is an extremely versatile product and can be used as standard door/window hardware, too. It guarantees stability and durability. It is absolutely essential in conditions where galvanized surfaces prove to be insufficiently resistant to corrosion.

Thanks to its unique three-layered coating, the TRICOAT hardware ensures lasting and problem-free use with no risk of rusting or other defects on the metal parts of joinery whatsoever.

Great solution for the visible parts of hardware!

MACO TRICOAT is the best choice in a wide variety of cases. Keriko Plast strongly recommends its use in the following occasions:

  • Coastal and island locations
  • Locations with high concentration of lactic acid vapours (dairy farms and factories)
  • Locations with steady influence of chlorine fumes (swimming pools, baths)
  • Places with high humidity (basements, laundries)

The upper and lower hinges are the metal parts that are most exposed to corrosive influences. For this reason, a special powder-coating technique is used.

With the TRICOAT treatment, hinges are extremely resistant not only to corrosion but also to scratching, wetness and staining.

TRICOAT is available in light grey.

Thanks to its pleasant silver shade, MACO TRICOAT ensures a stylish optical effect. Windows and doors with this type of hardware look more attractive.

  • The Noise

    With your busy daily routine, you seek some calm at home or at work but ambient noise hampers your rest. Imagine the quiet, in which you can hear the rhythm of your own breathing thanks to the effective accoustic insulation properties of your windows! With the last achievements of technology, we can help you leave behind all those problems with unwanted noise and thermal loss. A quiet ambience saves money because it is extremely important for your relaxation – and the window frames from Keriko Plast, together with our noise-insulating panes, are a sure guarantee for this: comfort and calm! 0. 5086 Small street 10 - 50 Cars/hour 35 m Softline Topline Swingline I. 51-5586 10-50 Cars/hour 25 - 35 m 4 - 12 - 4 Softline Topline Swingline 4 - 12 - 4 II. 56-6086 10 - 200 Cars/hour 25 - 35 m Softline Topline Swingline 8 - 12 - 4 III. 61-6586 Main street 1000 - 3000 100 - 300 m Softline Topline Swingline GH9 - 16 - 6 mm IV. 66-7016 Main street 1000 - 3000 30 - 100 ...

  • How to make your choice?

    Quality! Price! Comfort! Insulation! Vision! It is important for us to know your preferences, in order to advise you and prepare a qualified offer in accordance with your individual needs. There are plenty of profile-manufacturing companies but how many of them meet the quality standards? How many of them offer window and doorframes thick enough to resist high temperature amplitudes and different weather conditions? How many of them use metal supports suited for the specific weight, static properties and aesthetics of the frames? What is your purpose when you change youe windows: to change their outer looks only or to achieve a combination of… Quality Energy saving Durability Comfort Aesthetics Investment for the future? Putting quality windows in your new home and office or changing the old ones is a long-term investment that is returned many times in the future. Investing in high-quality windows, you can reduce heat loss at home or at your workplace with up to 50%. The purpose of modern technology is to ensure better safety, thermal and accoustic insulation. Important factors are the thickness of the glass units and the number of individual panes in them. New technologies allow making stronger windows with wider glass units or units with more than two panes. We, the team of Keriko Plast, offer our customers modern, high-class joinery, made of profiles with extra chambers and metal supports suited for the specific weight of the ...

  • Colours

    From our rich colour palette, you can choose the most appropriate colour for every type of house and façade. The coloured foil coating is applied on one or on both sides of the profiles. In this way, a variety of colour combinations can be created, even with different outer and inner colouring. We guarantee high durability of the colouring and resistance against all atmospheric agents – including intense sun radiation and aggressive coastal climates. Thanks to the high-quality colouring in accordance with the RAL standard for aluminium profiles we can satisfy even the boldest designer solutions.                

  • Security Even in the Most Elegant Frame Variants

    In terms of safety, the choice of a locking mechanism is extremely important. We offer burglarproof security mechanisms with additional locking points. The windows from Keriko Plast are stable and secure, assuring your and your family’s safety. Keriko Plast offers windows for various weather conditions. Systems for different office or residential buildings, individual solutions for standard or passive houses. Systems with innovative technologies for higher insulation qualities and comfort in all architectural solutions. Every person is unique and everybody has his or her own vision for the façade and interior of their house. For this reason it is our main goal to carefully advise and attend our customers. It is important for us to determine precisely and fully your needs, in order to be of maximum benefit for you - our customers - for the most suitable choice of the products and accessories you need. It is of prime importance that you are informed about all additional profiles and accessories needed to achieve the highest energy-saving standard, anti-condensation properties and comfort. The team of Keriko Plast is always ready to discuss your needs and find the best solution for you. The profiles' surface is one of the key factors for their durability and easy maintenance. The profiles we work with have optimal characteristics for different temperature and weather conditions, which allows for easy cleaning and inexpensive maintenance. In this respect, ...

  • Pleasure and Comfort at Any Time of the Year

    – For your comfort at any time – For the pleasure to look at your new window and relish the cosiness, style and beauty it brings to your home and office   With the energy-saving, modern solutions from Keriko Plast, both for cold and warm weather, this is not only possible but also a proven fact – due to the triple glazing, the increased distance between panes, the high-quality materials and the all-season panes.   Few of us actually realize how much money is wasted because of old and ineffective windows. In fact, old technologies are the main cause for energy loss. Using old windows with PVC, aluminium or wooden frames produced and assembled in the 1990s can lead to unjustified expenses.

  • Cleaning Materials

    Keriko Plast offers cleaning solutions for white and foil-coated (coloured) PVC profiles. These chemicals are specially produced for this type of material and do not damage its surface. The main use of the solution is for the final cleaning and antistatic treatment of the manufactured product. The chemical removes the high static electricity from the PVC profiles and in this way reduces their tendency to attract dirt particles. The preservative VEKA solution has lasting effects and is used to treat window-frame surfaces against harmful atmospheric conditions.

  • Ventilation

    In relation to new energy-saving norms, more and more measures are taken for a better heat insulation. High insulation characteristics lead to reduced heating expenses, raw material economies, reduced harmful gas emissions in the atmosphere and less negative influences on the ozone layer. That is why the requirements for modern window and doorframes are for even better insulation properties and minimal heat loss. Due to the high energy-saving characteristics and tight sealing of window and doorframes, it is vital to ensure adequate ventilation. Depending on the specific situation, it is advisable to regularly let fresh air into the room if the windows are not opened often. Different smells, gasses, moisture and harmful chemicals affect not only your comfort but can also damage the structure and outer covering of the walls. Good ventilation has the following functions: - Ensures good air quality and healthy conditions - Prevents water condensation and fungal growth thanks to the improved air circulation Sanitary norms recommend between 10 and 25 m3 fresh air per hour per person. About 60 m3 of fresh air an hour is needed for a room with 3 people inside. For a house, the advisory average air volume coefficient is 0.5 h-1 (DIN 1946-6). It means that every hour half of the air inside should be refreshed, and to do this, special measures have to be taken. Normal ventilation through the window frames is not sufficient to meet the above-mentioned ...

  • Motorization for roller blinds

    Advantages of automatic roller blinds Today you may want to lift and lower your blinds electronically. Tomorrow you may decide to operate electronically your awning and your garage door, and do it by remote control. With SOMFY’s wireless technology all this can be achieved easily and with minimum wiring. Better sun-heat protection: blinds can be lifted or lowered automatically according to outer light intensity. In the same time you can operate them at will, independently of the sun, according to your needs. Reduced heating expenses Higher security and protection for your house Operating options Mechanisms can be operated with remote control or wall-mounted wireless switch. Button types: Wireless wall-mounted switch for multiple control Wireless wall-mounted timer with intelligent function allowing two preset timing programmes in the course of one day Wireless wall-mounted switch allowing to pre-program any electric application. You can gain security by programming your blinds so that they will lift and lower even when you are not at home making the impression that there is somebody in. Remote control types Telis Composio RTS Wireless remote control operating up to 20 motor groups. Impresario Chronis RTS Wireless control allowing to create up to 16 operating programmes. New generation ...

  • Distributors

    Keriko Plast offers high-quality PVC and aluminium door and window frames manufactured in the company’s own workshop, as well as accessories and services related to this activity. Our manufacturing and assembly deadlines are really short thanks to our constant manufacturing upgrades. We are inviting you to join our rapidly expanding distribution network. As a distributor, you’ll receive preferential prices, discounts, samples and, not least, high-quality product. If you are interested in future collaboration with us, please fill in the feedback blank on our Contacts Page, and we’ll get back to you.

  • Save 20%

    Energy Effectiveness Programme With the Energy Effectiveness Credit, you pay 20% less if you are an individual customer or 30% less for group projects. After you replace your old door and window frames, your heating bills can drop with 15%.   Why save energy in summer and in winter and how? There are two reasons to save energy. First, you can save the planet and, second, you can save your money. A third of all carbon dioxide emissions come from homes. Carbon dioxide plays a major role for climate change. In the last century, average Earth temperatures have increased by 0.6 centigrade. It doesn’t sound so serious but scientists expect a further climate warming in the 21st century between 1.3 and 5.9 centigrade. This temperature change can have dramatic consequences for our planet. Making little changes, we can contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, helping to save our planet and improving our financial situation. As we try saving money in our homes, it is the most logical to look for the places where the most heat is lost. The average heat loss through the windows and doors of our homes is 10-15%. The Energy Effectiveness Programme ensures households and proprietors’ associations from all over the country the opportunity to take advantage and get a tied loan and also free financial help through the Bulgarian commercial bank network. Every household or proprietors’ association using an ...

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  • Casing and Blinds Repair

    We offer guarantee and out-of-guarantee maintenance and repair of PVC and aluminium frames, blinds and insect screens. We can replace your window opening mechanisms or remake them from one-plane to the two-plane opening system. We can also replace the standard opening mechanisms with the security mechanism and security handles. Additional security bolts montage. Replacing the rubber sealings and additional window and door adjustment. When needed, we can replace your window and door hinges or put additional ones. Ornamental handles and magnet locks for your balcony doors. Additional accessories for your windows and doors. Pane and glass unit replacement. Additional anti-moisture ledges, insect screens and blinds. Outer roller blinds repair and replacement of operating mechanisms. In urgent cases, we are ready to react immediately.   In 2001, Albert Genau directed his energies to the balcony glazing sector, after considering the customers’ needs and expectations from another angle. In 2003, some new systems for thermo-isolating balcony façades were patented.