How to make your choice?

Quality! Price! Comfort! Insulation! Vision!

It is important for us to know your preferences, in order to advise you and prepare a qualified offer in accordance with your individual needs.

There are plenty of profile-manufacturing companies but how many of them meet the quality standards? How many of them offer window and doorframes thick enough to resist high temperature amplitudes and different weather conditions? How many of them use metal supports suited for the specific weight, static properties and aesthetics of the frames? What is your purpose when you change youe windows: to change their outer looks only or to achieve a combination of…

  • Quality
  • Energy saving
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Aesthetics
  • Investment for the future?
  • Putting quality windows in your new home and office or changing the old ones is a long-term investment that is returned many times in the future. Investing in high-quality windows, you can reduce heat loss at home or at your workplace with up to 50%.

    The purpose of modern technology is to ensure better safety, thermal and accoustic insulation. Important factors are the thickness of the glass units and the number of individual panes in them. New technologies allow making stronger windows with wider glass units or units with more than two panes.

    We, the team of Keriko Plast, offer our customers modern, high-class joinery, made of profiles with extra chambers and metal supports suited for the specific weight of the window. The extra sealing and thicker outer sides prevent water condensing as well as unwanted thermal bridge formation, and keep the warm inside. The windows from Keriko Plast ensure long-lasting comfort for generations.