Save 20%

Energy Effectiveness Programme

With the Energy Effectiveness Credit, you pay 20% less if you are an individual customer or 30% less for group projects.

After you replace your old door and window frames, your heating bills can drop with 15%.


Why save energy in summer and in winter and how?

There are two reasons to save energy. First, you can save the planet and, second, you can save your money.

A third of all carbon dioxide emissions come from homes. Carbon dioxide plays a major role for climate change. In the last century, average Earth temperatures have increased by 0.6 centigrade.

It doesn’t sound so serious but scientists expect a further climate warming in the 21st century between 1.3 and 5.9 centigrade. This temperature change can have dramatic consequences for our planet.

Making little changes, we can contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, helping to save our planet and improving our financial situation.

As we try saving money in our homes, it is the most logical to look for the places where the most heat is lost.

The average heat loss through the windows and doors of our homes is 10-15%.

The Energy Effectiveness Programme ensures households and proprietors’ associations from all over the country the opportunity to take advantage and get a tied loan and also free financial help through the Bulgarian commercial bank network.

Every household or proprietors’ association using an Energy Effectiveness Credit is entitled to free funding at the rate of 20% or 35%, respectively.

The free funding is deduced from the costs of the energy saving project after its successful completion and meeting all conditions required.



Bulgarian banks licensed to grant Energy Effectiveness Credits are:


- ProCredit Bank

- Reifeisen Bank

- DSK Bank

- SiBank



To apply for the Energy Effectiveness Programme, your new window and doorframes must meet certain energy effectiveness conditions described in the programme.